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Growth Hacking

You Have Followers, Likes & Shares, But No Customers?

It’s high time to meet your Growth Hacker.


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What we do

We are Maplitho

A Vibrant team of Growth hackers, data analyst, Marketers possessing in-depth expertise in proven – growth hacking experiments that can convert your target audience in delighted customers



Growth Hacking

Experiments for Sucess Strategies
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Bigdata Analytics

Mining Sales data thru Data Sciences
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Social Media Monitoring

Understanding the Customer Sentiments
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A Vibrant Team of Growth Hackers, Data Analysts and Marketers

Possessing in-depth expertise in proven-growth hacking experiments that can
convert your target audience into delighted customers.


Growth Hacking

Experiments for Sucess Strategies
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Bigdata Analytics

Mining Sales data thru Data Sciences
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Social Media Monitoring

Crawling Customer Sentiments
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Growth Hacking

Experiments for Success Strategies

Bigdata Analytics

Mining Sales data thru Data Science

Social Media Monitoring

Understandings the Customer Sentiments


A Brand’s Success & Reputation

Its all about Tracking & Monitoring Customer Journey & Customer Sentiments

” Discover what your customers expect from your brand with our advanced sentiment analysis technology. Powered by top machine learning tools, we analyze and interpret the emotions, feelings, and sensations of customers to boost brand devotion and business longevity. “

Competitor Analytics & Audience Tracking- We are Masters


Growth & Analytical Tools

Growth Hackers

Years Experience


Get Better Solutions for All the Six Stages of Your Business

Growth Hacking - Rather than arranging hundreds of thousands of likes and shares for your business, we bring in Customers – The Real Customers who can skyrocket your sales and growth.



You are all set to launch your products and services but need audiences.



You got noticed and started making income. Still, you lag behind the sales cycle.


Shake Out

Although you expanded your business, sales and profit are either decreasing or increasing at a slower rate.



Your business became matured but received no profit as expected.



Your sales, customers, profit, and growth is declining and fails to adapt to the business environment.



You need to revamp your business and make yourself stand out among competitors.


Boost your growth with Analytical Common Sense

What You Have: Your lead generation campaigns fail to generate the lead from the right sources.

What We Give: We design bespoke lead generation campaigns to identify your potential customers from effective sources to create an enlarged customer base. Our mission doesn’t stop by identifying the right leads; we make sure that each lead is converted into a customer.

What You Have: You completely ignored your competitor actions and lost focus on the weakness and strength of your competitors.

What We Give:  We conduct a detailed and thorough competitor analysis to study their success strategies and predict their future moves to get a competitive advantage over them.

What You Don’t Have: Your business failed to conduct sentiments analysis that measures the opinions and needs of users.

What We Give:  We use powerful sentiment analysis tools to redesign your brand, products, and services in a way to cater to  the interest of users.

What You Don’t Have: Leads always Leads. You don’t have any idea about the leads that didn’t convert.

What We Give:  As a business, you must be worried about the prospects that didn’t convert into customers. We use intelligent strategies to figure out the problems of conversion and design new experiments to convert every lead without fail.

What You Have: You got misled into the wrong audience or your growth didn’t satisfy the requirements of the desired audience.

What We Give:  Our partnership with the leading social media giants guarantee increased reach, improved traffic, and enhanced brand awareness. We assure you that your products and services reach the hands of the right audience.

What You Have: You are left with no choice but to move with your perception of the product, not your customer requirements.

What We Give:  We unlock various customer behaviors, market trends, and customer purchasing patterns to make well-thought business decisions that take your business to the next level.

What You Have: Ineffective retention and referral strategies that widened the gap between the customer and business.

What We Give:  We adhere to the most-modern retention and referral tools to bridge the gap between your business and customer needs.

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