Growth Hacking is a term that is becoming very popular these days. Simply put, it means Growing your business. We, at Maplitho, offer you the fastest, surest and most reliable method to grow your business, through big data analytics.

So, How do we do it?

Driving business growth through big data analytics is one of the key features of Growth hacking. We do rapid experimentations across product development processes and marketing channels, to arrive at the best way to grow a business.
First, we deploy a Growth team to study the market conditions and client requirements, for identifying and understanding the ‘Buyer personas’ from a marketing and sales point of view; and to find out what they are saying about the brands and products, and learn about their requirements and concerns. A lot of sources contribute to this – the most important being, the potential buyers’ online activities that include their relevant and most influential purchase decisions. We use a set of established Business Intelligence (BI) tools for in-depth analysis of data and deriving insights; in effect – going beyond the data and routine reports to truly understand our customers.

The next step is to listen to the social media. The best part about social media is that it moves at an insane speed. With this step, you don’t need to wait for a long period to see results. Even one viral success on the social networks can be the growth trigger that you are after. We keep a track on, and analyse the discussions and threads that trend on social media that awes our clients’ potential customers.

Moving on, another important step is analysing data science. We use Data science to uncover commonalities between types of users that are either successful or unsuccessful with a product. We then use the findings to improve the performance of your product, user acquisition funnel, user retention and more.

Now comes finding the prospective clients. They may not knock your door asking you to take their money. Sometimes you need to proactively contact find and contact them. We schedule sequence of emails designed to encourage your prospect to reply and book a meeting.

Individuals who continually access your information demonstrate a high level of interest in what you’ve got to offer. We leverage this interest by targeting an email workflow to those contacts who are highly engaged. These are the individuals – whether they’re customers or not – who are most likely to share the information you’re providing them with, since they’ve already shown how much they are interested in it.

Sometimes, sending emails might not just work. This is where our social media campaigns and retargeting processes comes into the limelight.
We use retargeting to help grow your business by displaying targeted advertising to website visitors around the Web, getting them to return to their site. It helps convert visitors who left a website before making a purchase, filling out a lead form, or signing up for a free trial or newsletter. We also use retargeting to improve conversion rates and win back visitors that they lost before they converted.

Following and using standardized processes and tools helps us in serving you better. Wish to learn more about it? If you are interested in having us help you build your business, hit the Contact Us button.

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