Glance on Growth Hacking

In this business centred world, all businessmen would be doing everything he could to grow their business constantly. Growth hacking is all about today’s discussion and we are going to brainstorm on the resources and growth hacking skills you need to reflect the positive results in your business.

The job of a hacker is to dig out more innovative growth hacking ideas and apply it in the right place appropriately to get the things done with definitive results. Growth hacking strategies were initially used by startups to gain significant growth rates to their dying business within a short span of time but later on was adopted by mid-sized and corporates too.

Growth Hacking Meaning

There are many definitions of growth hacking but the easiest and the simplest way to define is “the combination of creativity with technical skills along with the use of data analytics to implement the best marketing practices with the prime focus on growth.” Apart from startups, there are many others who can leverage the use of growth hacking services.

  • Social Media Marketers

According to studies, over 50% of the marketers use social media channels for more than 6 hours a week. It isn’t an easy task to do but growth hacking can help reduce the uncertainty and quick conversion of leads to customers.

  • Content Marketers

If you are a content marketer who uses blogs, articles, infographics, videos and other types of contents to divert people’s attention to your business, growth hacking strategies are your best option to boost conversion rate.

  • B2B Marketers

More than 68% of the of the B2B companies have not even identified their growth funnel. This is to be directed in the right way and growth hacking ideas can run any business efficiently and finally you will be able to close big deals.

  • B2C Marketers

Those who are trying to reach out directly to the customers like authors, bloggers, public speakers etc, growth hacking can help them identify and catch their ideal customers and convert them into purchasing customers.

Executing Growth Hacking Ideas

Companies like Microsoft, Airbnb, PayPal etc have implemented growth hacking strategies and still, they are continuing their uninterrupted effort to boost their customer base. Notably, focussing on the goals is one of the ways to make this exercise work well.

Elements that make Growth Hacking an Effective Piece of Strategy

There are several components that bring strategic & sustainable growth rates to your business. It is to be noted that if you implement this along with content marketing services, the results can be more effective in bringing more leads. Here are the major factors we follow in our strategic plan.

  • The fact is to be mentioned that if you want your growth hacking to be more effective, the product should be the top one around. Customers mind should regret if they don’t have your product with them. This is where most of the marketers fail to achieve success.
  • Don’t forget to include some form of visual information using images, videos, infographics etc in your content as this will tempt the readers to share them. We have also witnessed an increased number of visitors for our blogs when we added visual contents.
  • Is your business a topic of discussion among the customers? If not, it’s time to look into the current trends as this is where the customers are more interested. A successful hacking marketing focuses on the prevailing trends to stay updated. You can also check how trendy a topic is from “Google Trends.”
  • Growth hacking ideas can fuel your business well if a good creative thinking runs in your mind continuously. This will enable more customers to sign up to your website and interestingly, it will also reduce the customer acquisition cost. Give a timeframe to plan out creative strategies.
  • If you use WordPress as your Content Management System (CMS) in the digital marketing services, its the best choice you have taken. The CMS has inbuilt plugins which allows to generate leads, viral acquisition, and make social media marketing much lot easier. You can leverage such growth hacking tools to bring efficiency to your business.
Hold The Following Growth Hacking Skills With You
  • Be A Team Leader

The job of a growth hacker is not to design or to develop an app, instead should have the ability to create, manage and lead a big team to form and execute new plans.

  • Be Steady With Your Approach

If you have completely occupied your mind with a new idea or strategy, you must ensure that it does not mess up with the thoughts. So always be consistent with the approach.

  • Be Analytically Intelligent

Do you know analytics? If not spend some time to learn it now! A growth hacker must love big data analytics to determine current trends, predict results, analyze them and improve business performance.

Are you lagging in customer base? Growth hacking is a proven strategy which when done right will help you to overtake the obstacles that stop your business growth, helps generate quality leads and retain them. The best digital marketing company that follows the growth hacking marketing strategies can easily bring a solution to the weak points of your business at less time & cost.

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