Businesses are opting for email marketing techniques as it gives a better return on investment than any other marketing channel currently in use! If your a businessman who frequently use email marketing services will know it better, even though your business works effectively, implementing some of these growth hacking marketing strategies  can help triple your existing ROI. Interested in knowing the hacks? Here are are some of them we use to boost the business.

Are you Missing out Something Beneficial

It is common for a businessperson to get disturbed when something is missing out on the strategy and has become more common since the rise of social media channels. Currently, it has been beneficial for businesses for years now. Fortunately, the base theory of this hack is easy.
When you are sending an email, use this simple sales hacking strategy that involves a condition – “Everything in the offer is limited”. This alerts the viewers that they have a specific quantity of product available or it is limited to only some hours and will allow users to take actions appropriately and has a positive impact on generating sales.

Segment your Email to Create Targeted Email Sequence

Still, there are many companies sending crap emails which directly goes to the spam folder of the user. People even won’t be bothered to read these emails. This a bad email marketing practice followed by many which will stop them from generating the required ROI for the business.
Segmenting means sequencing the email subscribers based on to which types of email they are more probably going to respond. This is an excellent hack to use because it helps you to send emails that are more relevant to the readers and their current situation. You may also segment any type of feature like age, location, gender etc.

Upselling to Maximize Profit for Existing Customers

Based on the studies, we have found out that 40% of the revenue of e-commerce stores come from 8% of the customers. But, are you sure that you are doing the best to get maximum advantage of the existing customers? The place where most of the companies go wrong is they focus more on customer acquisition and less on customer retention and upselling.
Here is where the email marketing comes to play. Email sequences can be highly beneficial where they target and upsell to the existing customers base. You can also divide the customers based on the products they use at the moment or their current spend.

Look for more Referrals to Acquire Customers

It is a known fact that referrals are the fastest and the most efficient way to attract new customers. But, we can’t rely on them without tempting them to refer. What knowledge we acquire from this is that we have to push for getting more referrals.
It would be better if you send the referral emails to the customers whom you want others to be referred in a simple way, avoiding complications. Doing this will help them to take better decisions and allowing customers to send the mail to others with just one click.

Create Emails Responsively for Mobile Devices

In today’s business world, most of the emails are read on mobiles. This characteristic seems to be increasing nowadays especially among the young generations. Making it simple, if you want to boost your return on investment it is recommended to make your emails responsive in mobiles first and desktop second.

Design Emails with a Single Focus

One of the major disadvantages of companies today is they forget to focus on one thing. The truth is that they actually don’t have one. When they tell their customers about hundreds of things, the customers might not be even listening to their conversation as there is a bulk of information to be remembered.
It is suggested that emails with a single focus perform better. They are easier to understand and the reader can take better call to actions. So try to combine multiple focuses into a single one and try to notice the positive change in revenue level.
A digital marketing company focuses on the best digital marketing services can benefit from executing the latest and greatest marketing strategy to boost the business. Do you have any new growth hacking ideas which can double the revenue? Let us know your hacks!

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