Advertisements today requires a bundle of marketing activities to be done on a regular basis to keep the business up and running for long-term growth. Basically, these can be subdivided based on the marketing motives, target group and budget of the marketer into 3 types – Above the Line (ATL), Below the Line (BTL) and Throughout the Line (TTL).
Notably, the rules we have designed to separate marketing activities having mass penetration (ATL) from those having specific penetration (BTL). With the ongoing invent of technology taking place rapidly, our marketing activities are broadly utilizing both ATL & BTL advertising activities to set a sustainable growth of your business. Let us dig deep into details of each of them.

Above the Line (ATL)

More popularly known by distinct names like Above the Line promotion/ Above the Line marketing/ ATL marketing/ ATL advertising, our ATL activities consists of advertisements that are non-targeted and has a wide reach. By the term “non-targeted”, we mean the communication isn’t directed towards a specific group but to the public. With a focus on building the brand and inform the customers about the products, ATL conversations are given prime priority for your business growth.

Examples of Our ATL Communication

Campaign Management
Our heartbreaking campaigns collaborate with clients & partners to implement online & offline public relations, app development, and user acquisition programs to execute, monitor, and measure the campaigns done effectively with target audiences.
Affiliate Marketing
Our performance-based marketing strategies push other businesses towards growth and are rewarded for bringing them sales qualified leads from the result of growth marketing efforts.
Social Media
We leverage using social media site like Facebook and Google to initiate actions including facebook mass advertising (broader targeting), facebook generic brand postings, google display ads & mass mailing campaigns etc.
The world wide web is a vast ocean where numerous advertising opportunities which we utilize to feature your brand, product or services online. We avail the banner advertisements on websites, sponsor blogs posts and use video marketing to attract the audience.
Below the Line (BTL)
Similar to ATL, BTL too is known by Below the Line promotion/ Below the Line marketing / BTL marketing / BTL advertising where we target on a specific group of consumers and focuses on memorable and direct advertising activities. Notably, it is also known as directing marketing and pivot on conversations for growing your business more rather than just building the brand as in ATL marketing.

Examples of BTL Communication

Sponsorship is a process where we partner with different companies or events with an intention to get more impression on the product/ services offered. This is a brand building strategy used widely in this field.
Brand Activation
Brand activation is a strategy where we perform brand interaction techniques to achieve specific customer action. It pivots on to tempt the customer to act apt for growth and bring brands to a reality through long-term experiences.
Direct Marketing:
Our direct marketing strategies include SMS and Email campaigns, publishing social media posts and banners etc which pivot on the growth of your business prospects.
Through the Line (TTL)
Through the Line promotion/ Through the Line marketing / TTL marketing / TTL advertising blends the marketing strategies of both ATL & BTL as our recent studies have revealed that the unity is needed to achieve an optimum result in a business growth. It can be said to be a 360° advertising where the campaigns are created by us with an aim to enhance your brand as well as conversion.

Examples of TTL Communication

360° Marketing
Today, most of the campaigns we do are 360° marketing as it leverages the integrated strategies of both ATL & BTL.
Digital Marketing
The digital marketing tactics deliver ATL benefits while acting as a BTL communication to the customer. He/ she gets the wants based on their requirements.
Growth Hacking
Our Growth hacking is a rapid experimentation on your business across various marketing channels and employs advanced digital marketing strategy which helps to discover and realize the most effective way to grow your business.
Our Final Thoughts

Notably, there is no assurance that a single marketing technique would work for your business instead, it depends on the nature of the business. For instance, some businesses only need ATL activities whereas in others BTL can be added as a supplement. Everything depends on how well marketers read the market and whether there is a fit between the customer and the communication.

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