How do you build and grow your online marketing business and spread its presence from local to the global level? How to generate online sales among the pool of other businesses going actively to grab customers attention? As a businessman, these are some of the questions that would be running in your mind too.

So How Do You Battle The Struggle?

You must be thinking about how will you get into the solution for this problem? Definitely, it won’t be an easy task to cope with your current situation full of complications and move to a business pool that provides you full of profit. The best choice to get this done well is to employ growth hacking ideas immediately to lift your business to the next level.
With Maplitho’s skill of growth hacking consulting for numerous businesses over many years, from the experience we have learnt the basics to the advanced level of how to measure and move a business appropriately. Of course, growth hacking is the most straightforward option to employ to win this battle.

  • Create a Compelling Offer

Creating a compelling offer and working on it is one of the most powerful growth hacking strategies that can be employed. The offer is of high importance and should be clear & concise, solve the business pain areas, generates a strong call to action etc. You may have to know who your target audience is and have to understand them in detail to perform better.

  • Notice the User Experience

Analyze everything from the customer point of view and check on how effective is your digital marketing strategy in pulling out success at every stage of the sales funnel. Other key points to be noted includes site navigability and mobile-friendly experience. If it is not up to the mark, it will not only decrease sales but also reduces your online visibility. Removing unnecessary items from sales funnel to clear the interruptions in sales funnel is one of the best growth hacking tips to be taken care of.

  • Encourage Subscribers via Email Sequence

Another way to growth hack your business is to connect with the subscribers and develop a relationship with them so that it will tempt to buy something from you. Create an email sequence to the customers in the form of useful information to build a bond with the customers by sending at least one per day. You must be clear and concise on the knowledge given and should communicate with them in a friendly manner.

  • Centre of Attention on Conversions & Optimizations

Do you have an offer that converts well? If the answer is “no” then there is no chance to even optimize the conversion. Creating a converting offer do requires a lot of marketing principles to be brought together. Check whether your website is well optimized for conversion and utilize growth hacking tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush etc to track conversion better.

  • Enhance your Website Speed

Studies have revealed that users will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load the page! It is vital and that is why Google & Facebook are so focused on speed. No one has time to wait for slow loading business websites in this busy world. According to Google, the majority of the sites loss half of the visitors before the page loads. Mobile Speed Tool and Page Insights are two tools that analyze your site and shows suggestion about the recommended fixes to be done to improve the speed.

  • Analyze your Analytics Cautiously

Have a look at your analytics and ask yourself “ who and from where the customers are coming, how long are they sticking around in your website and the pages visited by them” etc. If you take note of these data, it will be easier for you to focus on better business decisions that can be taken to help increase its prospects. User experience can be enhanced tremendously and can also help to initiate necessary actions to put a permanent fix to all wrong decisions.

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