Who will not wish to boost their business like a rocket launch? A new bi-term buzzword offers you the ultimate solution to the problem – Early Traction. Getting an early traction is a green flag flown in your business to indicate that people are tracking your products. Fortunately, the idea does not need any money to get it done.

What is Early Traction?

In simple words, early traction can be referred to as an initial flow of leads. They are crucial for the business because of value addition and they spend their time to explore your product. Furthermore, they are the ambassadors who can steer to attract a significant number of leads to your business.

Circumstances of Getting Early Traction

Everyone in today’s world wishes to be a billionaire, but only a few or sometimes none can give you an insight into how to clinch in some quality number of users. Yes, here quality is prioritized over quantity as letting in everyone isn’t practical because each one has different issues in their business. Factors to get the first wave of users are:-

  • Your business allows certain people to solve their issues.
  • You have an amazing story related to your brand which helps people to connect.  
  • You have a great, easy to use UX to accomplish your tasks uncomplicated.
  • Delivering an unparalleled customer support has a greater dominance.
Growth Strategies for Startups to be Implemented Right Away!

We assure that you kept on reading this blog to get hold of this section. There is no shortcut to success, but we can promise you to get a set of early traction if you are putting continuous and uninterrupted growth hacking efforts for your new firm in the right direction.

Confirm You Have a Product Market Fit

Product Market fit or P/M fit can be defined simply as the condition where the customers are happy with what you offer. Reaching P/M fit is a sign that you are in the right funnel and fine tuning it can help to effectively convert customers into leads. You should ensure that you have a thorough strategy throughout the process which is mandatory for success in every part of the funnel.

Start a Pre-Launch Campaign

Product building is of course a tough task to attain and a countable number of businesses launch it in unknown areas resulting in negligible traction. Despite the usefulness of the business, the place where the strategy might go wrong is when the public is unaware of the launch of the product.
By building a pre-launch campaign can help attract a significant number of people that urge them to sign up. So what you need to do for a fresh start through which you can get an early traction for your business?

  • Create a pre-launch landing page.
  • Run the campaign with good Marketing Strategies.
  • Increase the early flow of waves with the help of ads.
  • Build a banner containing links to referral pages.
  • Engage traffic by joining social communities.
  • Building growth strategies into your business.
Crowdfund Your Products

Crowdfunding is a process of raising a few funds from a large number of people. It has changed the way people bring their products to life. There are numerous platforms that help people to discover and invest in them which acts as a ground of hope to bring life to their business. Be cautious about the following points before crowdfunding your product!

  • A significant amount of donations come in during the initial days of starting the campaign.
  • You should set a realistic goal for your campaign to result in success.
  • Choose the right platform for crowdfunding is crucial.
  • Never give fake promises that you can’t deliver.    
Build an Email List

Studies have claimed that email marketing has the capability to deliver a number of leads than traditional Social Media Marketing. Email marketing is vital to bring some early traction to your business and it also reveals to the public about your business culture, story and goals for some early flow of users, resulting in the assurance of their presence in the Growth of Your Business.
Simply don’t push emails to people which can be disastrous because a bulk entry of emails can force the users to click on the unsubscribe button, rather try to create mind-blowing contents that is difficult for them to resist and urge them to give a glimpse and ultimately convert them to be a fan of your product.
We had a practice of sending only important emails only to the subscribers (people who regularly interacts) of our emails and start a conversation asking for their needs, also with that deliver them with important articles/ blogs which they may find it useful during the journey.
We hope that this blog on growth hacking strategies for your business and the ways to acquire have been beneficial to get some early traction. We love to help you out with your market mood and promise to add some interesting articles suggested by the global geeks of growth hackers. Comment on your business conditions and your requirements below!      

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