In the recent years, online business giants Amazon, Airbnb, Facebook and Netflix have gone through the exceptional growth rates. Notably, they used an agile, cross-functional approach to achieving the goal. For example, the social media giant Facebook has added billions of dollars to its market capitalization after introducing a growth team following a cross-functional growth process.
Even before Facebook started its evolving growth methodologies, Amazon and Netflix were steadily using these tactics to disrupt the other big corporates that ruled the era. These companies have definitely started there growth enhancement from the early days itself and are deep-rooted in each & every step they execute.

Theory Is Easy To Learn & Understand

From our studies with the CEO’s of tech giants, it was clear that learning the theory of how growth approach works are comparatively easy. For hacking marketing, we had a meeting with a team of growth hackers to sort out the answer for all the companies which look forward to implementing this technique in their organization. Other than this, there are many online classes and group training programs held to help growth hackers learn the theory of growth better.

The Real Growth Challenge Comes Here

Even though the growth experts can suggest ways to other businesses, when coming into the reality they too experience difficulties when trying to implement the cross-functional growth strategies in their company. This means a theoretical knowledge on the subject is not enough, even a growth leader can be rejected regardless of his experience or knowledge if the goals are not met.

What Are The Solutions To This Problem

To drive in success, the companies should mandatorily work towards applying growth transformations to every single step. If you have utilized this approach and has realized an exceptional growth transformation, it is recommended to include all the team members. Another alternative technique for cross-functional growth of your business is to invite a specialist to your company for providing a full day growth training. This gives specific team members an opportunity to admit to their role in hacking growth.

Recognizing The Real Story

There are lots of such growth programs held which we found to be more effective in combining everyone to work together in a better way than previous long-term contracts. To bring all the odds to the steps of success, attending a growth hacking conference will be the best bet which will be then resulting in kickstarting an ultimate growth transformation for your business.

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