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10 Best Growth Marketing Agency in 2022 

Marketing is about growing your business and finding new customers. It’s a process that starts with customer research and continues with market research, including advertising, social media marketing, and branding. A Growth Marketing Agency plays a great role in uplifting small businesses to new heights. 

What is Growth Marketing and Growth Marketing Agency? 

Growth hacking is a unique approach to marketing that focuses on fast growth through great digital customer experiences. Data analysis, experimenting with new growth strategies, and constant testing are primary focuses of growth hacking. That means focusing on user experience for your website and any other digital interactions. The central idea behind growth hacking is to get more customers by building a service people want instead of spending money on advertising to convince people to use your product. 

Below is a list of growth marketing agencies working today to get your business the exposure it deserves. Regardless of what you’re marketing, if you’re running an e-commerce store or promoting content, these are the people that can help spread the word.

Top 10 Startup and Corporate Growth Marketing Agency in 2022


  • Maplitho
  • NoGood 
  • Papertoaster
  • Bammboo
  • Berma & Co
  • The 20 Media
  • Growth Media
  • Deviate Labs 
  • P3 Media
  • Growthcurve


Maplitho solutions is a growth hacking & growth marketing agency, helping startups and big brands across the globe to achieve their goals by leveraging digital marketing, lead generation, and brand building by leveraging the power of diversity. The main aim of Maplitho is the transition of startups to a well-established business. 


Maplitho offers a well-balanced team with cross-functional responsibilities. Their diverse set of skills, professional backgrounds, and mindsets adheres to the principle of an integrated team. Each member plays their part in shaping growth for your business. 


NoGood is one of the most reliable and best growth partners among the founders of consumer, SaaS, and healthcare start-ups. NoGood is a New York-based growth marketing agency founded and operated by proven performance marketers, data scientists, creatives, and growth hackers.


Papertoaster has helped grow its business through proven financing and networking. They use the knowledge gained from years of successful campaigns, sometimes hosting webinars and workshops to educate others. 


Bammboo utilizes a special combination of design thinking, lean startup, and growth hacking to accelerate small businesses growth. They also offer what they call “Growth Sprints” as a means of partnering with an existing marketing agency for intensive testing and optimization. 

Berma & Co 

Berma is a growth marketing, product research, and idea validation lab headed by leaders in startup growth, creative design, and product management. Berma provides an efficient and fast experimentation engine that includes tools, processes, and frameworks for rapidly prototyping and validating new ideas. 

The 20 Media 

This agency offers content marketing and SEO services. Across the board, The 20 Media excels in content strategy, creation, and promotion. They also specialize in social media marketing, link building, and technical SEO.

Growth Media 

Companies that work with Growth Media make a difference in people’s lives. They focus on rapid experimentation, iteration, and agile development. Growth Media is the only Canadian growth hacking agency on the list. 

Deviate Labs  

The agency specializes in working with businesses seen on Shark Tank and well-known e-commerce startups. The company is known for its out-of-the-box creativity and is behind household brands like Dollar Shave Club and Lollaland.

P3 Media 

In addition to providing technology solutions, P3 Media provides growth, creativity, and growth strategies for purpose-driven commerce companies. As a holistic growth company, P3 helps clients create seamless, personal experiences for customers that drive real, measurable results and build a sustainable community. 


Technology companies can scale more efficiently with Growthcurve. This agency positions itself as a growth team on demand. In addition to disrupting traditional marketing agency models, Growthcurve works to ensure marketing tactics are geared towards core business objectives. 

Wrap Up 

Our list of growth hacking agencies should prove helpful for those looking to enlist the help of a team that has made a name for itself in this field. You can expect these companies to provide comprehensive marketing services designed to fill your prospect pipeline, with proven methods and strategies that have worked for other companies time and time again. 


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