What is a Chatbot?

“Chatbot” is a new buzzword that has been doing rounds on the internet nowadays. Simply, it is a messaging app that enables businesses & brands to provide round the clock customer services and acknowledge the customers with instant responses and quick replies. The unique part of a chatbot is that it can deliver a particular task like time-booking or pre-qualifying a lead or solve a customer query in the same way the real-time interaction takes place between both.

Categories of Chatbots

Chatbots come in different shapes & sizes of varying complication to help complete various tasks which is one of the reasons why people often get confused. Notably, platforms like ManyChat or Chatfuel helps build bots having exceptional functionality even though the person is having less technical expertise. Here we are going to explore some types of chatbots in brief.

Facebook & Marketing Chatbots   

For businesses and other marketers, Facebook chatbot is the best choice as the social channel is where their customers are.
Businesses can ask the customers for their preferences and provide them personalized offers based on quick interaction due to which it is much more engaging.  
Drip Campaigns
Business may pre-send their contents to the customers through email following which the customers can ask queries based on that suitable offers can be delivered.
The cool thing about a bot is that it can be used to provide a quick communication with a human and thereby get a seamless experience to the customer.
Analytics can be used to analyze a more useful piece of information and provides a real-time interaction with the bot. Notably, Facebook has also introduced a “Bot Discovery” section that promotes bots having high productivity.

Future Opportunities Lies in Chatbots

You must be wondering what makes chatbot a big deal as you can only see a simple automated messaging application. Here we are going to brief about what makes chatbots a great opportunity and why marketers are crazy about it.
One reason is that people are spending most of their time on messenger apps than in the respective social media channels. So, if you think a bit, it’s advisable to create a bot inside the messenger app as it is where your customers are. In our opinion, it is a huge opportunity for those who wish to reach the top in their business and want to create something unique.

How we Utilize the Chatbots?

We execute out of the box ways and make maximum advantage of the chatbots for the following requirements:-
Quizzes & Games
A chatbot is an excellent platform to create numerous types of small quizzes for the potential customers to communicate. We ensure to ask them their email address so that more quizzes, both small and big can be sent.
Recruitment Process
Recruitment is a crucial process where there are many complications included. To make it easier we create chatbots with an aim to let the recruiter evaluate the candidate with the help of filling some fields from 0-5.   
Send Coupons
Using facebook messenger we will send unique coupons to the customers which can easily drive sales. Using tools like Zapier we sync data between cloud apps like Coupon Carrier to send coupons.
Sales Automation
A fully automated sales process can be carved out depending on the choice we give our customers. More options can be added to the customers following which the data can be moved quickly to an excel sheet.
Lead Generation
Asking the customers to sign up on the website letting them leave their information is an instant method for lead generation. We set a “Send to Messenger” button outside of facebook page that tempts them to click which will help them get freeable insights.

Chatbots are for Growth Minded Marketers

There is no chance chatbots are going to get outdated in the marketing channels as the messenger is where the potential customers stay. These bots are dedicated to helping startups, midsized and enterprises to grow seamlessly in the web world. Come in touch with us for useful insights.  

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