How to Employ Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing



Could an AI do a marketer’s job for them? Ever since Dall-E and ChatGPT have come into the limelight, this is what people have been wondering. So I thought I’d start with my own job. I opened ChatGPT and asked, ‘Write a catchy hook for an article about the use of AI in marketing’.

ChatGPT was quick to reply with- “Revolutionize your marketing game with AI: The ultimate tool for data-driven success!” I was intimidated already, since it seems like ChatGPT has the upper edge on me on at least one thing- self confidence!

But confidence aside, it was clear that this is something I would expect to see on a clickbait title on a YouTube video about AI, not as an opening line in a blog post. So it seems like these tools still have a long way to go.

Let’s examine some of their strengths and weaknesses to see where they stand right now.


  1. Proofreading content- AI tools have proven to be more effective at proofreading compared to tools like Grammarly.
  2. Providing a quick framework for content- When facing a writer’s block, it is often helpful to have a framework for the content you want to write.
  3. Improving SEO- AI can suggest changes to make to your draft to improve the SEO score on the keywords.
  4. Translation- AI translation tools can be very helpful when it comes to translating text into various local languages.
  5. Producing a large quantity of content- AI can create a large quantity of content. This is especially useful when writing short form content which are often repetitive in nature, like social media copies.


  1. Producing original quality content- Ultimately, AI is just a language-generation model that doesn’t recognize the emotions and nuances that go into making a piece go from good to great.
  2. Requires proofreading and fact checking- People are treating certain AI models like all-knowing scholars. But in reality, they are just language models which should be treated as such. Make sure you do your own research when you write an article with the assistance of an AI model.
  3. Plagiarism concerns- The ethics of using AI to write an article is a little murky, since it uses content from creators without crediting them or paying them. This raises concerns about plagiarism.


As you can see, AI is a very powerful tool which can help you out right now. But to harness the tool effectively, expert human intervention is key. So a personal touch is still necessary to make use of its strengths, and to cover its weaknesses when it comes to content creation.


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