High Tempo Growth Hacking! What Is It?

A high tempo growth hacking process is a new way of high-level series of steps where a team tests new and unique ideas continuously that allows a company to learn and grow sustainably. It is to be noted that big success in growth hacking comes from continuous small wins over a period of time. Each step brings in new ideas to test that lead to more wins resulting in a greater success in the competition.

High Tempo Growth Hacking By Maplitho

The high-level growth hacking we follow can be subdivided into four steps namely analyze, ideate, prioritize and test which is iterated to attain the goal. Let us go in detail on each process one by one to get a better understanding of them.
Analyze Your Data   
It simply means we scan your data and gather insights to understand more about your customer and how they interact with the product and identify suitable opportunities for experimenting growth of the brand. After analyzing the data, we would go forward to move with the ideation process to generate more ideas for frequent experimentation.
Ideation To Generate Ideas
Unique thought out ideas is the input required for a sustainable growth. There are many shortcuts that can help generate new thoughts. We try a brainstorming session with the growth team by putting forward questions like “how do we solve this problem”, “How do we meet the objective” etc. Since multiple young ignited minds are involved, chances are more to come up with a feasible solution.
Experiment Prioritization
Lots of thoughts can be generated through the ideation process, but that’s not enough. To sort out the best from the list, there is a need to score each of them so that it can be prioritized. Prioritization of the ideas help us to measure the Impact, Confidence, and Easiness of an idea among the rest and we find the average of the 3 scores to determine the ICE score based on which each member of our team will nominate new ideas for conducting at least 2 weekly growth meetings.  
Run & Repeat Experiments
This step focuses on testing new ideas already generated where the output of the growth meetings are put into action. We assign each idea to a member of our team and notify each one of them about the launch so that everyone working on the product knows about it. Each experiment will be analyzed and the test report will be generated by the analyst to know whether it worked well or not.

Lets Wind Up

Growth hacking is a rinse and repeat natured process. The more you experiment, the more you learn. However, only a few of them produce a sweet result whereas some come up with an outcome that tempts you or changes your thought in a way that helps to reach success. According to us, gains, whether it is big or small, have a dramatic impact on the growth of an organization. Do you have any growth process in your experience that worked well for your business? Well, we would love to hear about it!

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